Hanson wade have taken the decision to cancel this event. Please do accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this will cause. Please register your interest here if you would like updates on the conference or topic.


Ayrat Gizzatov

Research Scientist

Aramco Research Center

Charles McConnell

Executive Director, Carbon Management and Energy Sustainability

University of Houston

Fersheed Mody

Manager, Global Technology


Randy Cortright

Strategic Lead for Electrons & Molecules

National Renewable Energy Lab

Amishi Kumar

Utilization R&D Manager

Department of Energy

Deepika Nagabhushan

Program Director, Decarbonized Fossil Energy

Clean Air Task Force

Gianluca Di Federico

Strategic DTI, Energy Transition & Carbon Capture

Baker Hughes

Murchana Pathak

Engine Electrical Systems Validation Engineer

Michigan Technological University

The 1st Industrial Carbon Capture Summit is bringing together leading emission creators, technologists, policy makers and academia all under one roof to share the real world use cases from pilot to carbon projects that are actually being deployed.

Join us this June to assess the technology available, discover advancements in carbon capture and utilization solutions and learn best practise around emerging emission reductions policies to build effective strategies for a carbon neutral future.

This conference is specifically tailored to the deployment projects and challenges being faced within the industrial industries with a focus on concrete production, chemical, iron, steel and oil & gas.

Policy & Tax

Understand how benefits around tax and policy can be utilized to make Carbon Capture more commercially viable. Discover insights into how other companies are driving the costs of carbon capture down and how they look forward to increasing the scalability. 

Real-world use cases

Hear from those beyond pilot who have made carbon capture a commercially viable reality. Discover how to get your project off the ground.

Projects Launching within 24 Months

Benchmark against those who are close to delivering their first capture projects. Optimize your journey whilst learning from the successes and failures of your peers.

Technology Assessment

Get hands on with the latest technology and understand which options suit your carbon requirements

Companies You'll Meet

Attending Companies