About Event

From Pilot to Operational; Deploying Commercially Viable Industrial Carbon Capture Projects

The 1st Industrial Carbon Capture Summit will bring together the leading emission creators, technologists, policy makers and academia under one roof to share real world use cases.

Join us this year to:

Discover carbon projects that are actually being deployed

Assess the technology available

Explore the latest advancements in carbon capture & utilization solutions

Navigate policy around emission reductions to build effective strategies for a carbon neutral future

This conference is specifically tailored to the deployment projects and challenges being faced within the industrial industries with a focus on concrete production, chemical, iron, steel and oil & gas. Register now to enhance internal strategy and solutions by increasing your carbon capture opportunities through removal & utilization to hit CO2 emission targets.

Why Attend?

  • Focused on Use Cases – we are the only carbon capture conference that focuses on industrial level use cases of live projects to deliver real insight into how to deliver and scale effective reduction of your emission output.
  • Not Purely Based on O&G – a lot of carbon conferences are heavily centred around O&G which means that industries such as ammonia and cement production often get left behind. We've listened to your feedback and are instead delivering a platform where experts from across the industrial industries can share real success stories to drive truly effective carbon capture at scale.
  • Commercial Viability – we offer the agenda that supports those who are looking to implement pilots with the full understanding of policy, financial costs and tax ramifications as well as the engineering capabilities to implement the right technology for the size of their project.

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