Murchana Pathak

Murchana Pathak

Company: Michigan Technological University

Job title: Engine Electrical Systems Validation Engineer


Murchana Pathak is an Embedded Test & Validation Engineer at Caterpillar through Volt in Mossville, IL. She received her master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 2018. Her research interests are centered around IC engines and aftertreatment performance development, 1D engine transient simulation, engine software integration and computational fluid dynamics. During her master’s, she undertook a graduate internship at Aramco Research Center, Novi where she designed and developed a CO2 capture system for a heavy-duty engine application and sized it to reduce up to 60% tailpipe CO2 emissions at different operating conditions.


Use Case: Investigation on the potential of a CO2 Capture System, downstream of the aftertreatment system for a heavy-duty engine application 3:25 pm

• Amine absorption has been described as one of the most effective ways to capture CO2 from exhaust for point sources • The CO2 capture system comprises of a CO2 absorber that separates CO2 from the exhaust; a CO2 stripper or regenerator that regenerates the absorbent liquid; heat exchangers and coolers for maintaining the required…Read more

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